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Types of Fungal Infections


Types of Fungal Infections can be of varied types like : fungal skin infection, fungal nail infection, fungal sinus infection, fungal infection of lung, fungal ear infection, fungal infection foot, systemic fungal infection, scalp fungal infection, fungal infection on the face, vaginal fungal infection, fungal infection of the throat, fungal infection of the mouth, fungal infection of the brain, fungal infection of the eye, fungal blood infection, fungal infection of the lip, nose fungal infection, groin fungal infection, fungal infection on hands, and so on .....

Here is a list of the major types of disease caused by fungal infections that are curable by our drug FUNGISOME.

Name of Diseases

o Aspergillosis
o Blastomycosis Epidemiology
o Candidiasis
o Cryptococcosis
o Febrile Neutropenia
o Histoplasmosis
o Visceral Leishmaniasis - Kala Azar
o Mucormycosis
o Penicilliosis - Penicillium marneffei


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