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is caused by Aspergillus fungus which is present in the soil and decaying material. This fungus does not affect normal human beings and the infection is more common among cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or among transplant patients on immune suppressive therapy.

The most common sites of infection are the lungs and sinus. The infection can present from simple allergic to serious invasive forms.

The different forms of infections are
-Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis presenting as Asthma,
-Pulmonary Aspergilloma found in old cases of lung cavities of tuberculosis and lung absces
-life threatening invasive aspergillosis.

The symptoms are - cough, breathlessness, blood in sputum, pain in chest or face over the sinus, fever, and night sweat or meningitis.

Treatment for invasive Aspergillosis:
- several weeks of i.v. FUNGISOME, this Liposomal Amphotericin B is a drug of choice along with supportive treatment.
- Surgical removal
- Oral Fungitrace® (Itraconazole) should be used when needed.

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