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Amphotericin B has been the Gold Standard and broad-spectrum antifungal and antileishmanial since its discovery in mid 1950s. In spite of the unmatched merits, technical limitations prevented development and use of Amphotericin B for topical applications.

Formulation development of Amphotericin B was limited because of extreme hydrophobicity and sparing solubility even in most organic solvents. Another hindrance was the fact that Amphotericin B is not absorbed through the skin. Difficulties in formulating and lack of prospects for transdermal delivery of Amphotericin B together discouraged efforts for development of its topical preparation(s).

FUNGISOME Gel is uniquely designed Liposomal formulation of Amphotericin B that has overcome solubility problem and has enabled topical application. Amphotericin B containing multilamellar vesicles are converted into and stabilized as nanosomes in FUNGISOME Gel. Nanosomes facilitate transport of Amphotericin B in these NDDS across stratum corneum because of favorable hydro-lipophylic micro-environment.

Owing to high affinity of Amphotericin B for ergosterol and its cellular precursors constituting fungal and leishmanial; membranes, Amphotericin B in the nanosomes of the FUNGISOME Gel is transferred to these pathogenic cells causing their lysis.

The most intriguing question has been - Does Amphotericin B work on Dermatophytes? FUNGISOME Gel - a Nano-Liposomal Amphotericin B does.

Dermatophytes have ergosterol and activity of Amphotericin B on Dermatophytes has been made possible by strategic designing of FUNGISOME Gel. In vitro studies revealed that Amphotericin B in FUNGISOME Gel is effective against all common Dermatophytes Viz. epidermophyton, microsporum, trichophyton.

FUNGISOME Gel is found to be effective and thus recommended for treatment of superficial fungal and leishmanial infections as below:
  • Chronic and recurrent fungal infections including Dermatophytes
  • Dressing after wound debridement
  • Burn wound dressing
  • Bed sores
  • Around the tubes going inside body
  • Sinuses
  • Vaginal candidiasis
  • Diaper rashes
  • Cutaneous leishmanial ulcers
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