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Dithranol, a known drug for Psoriasis has been in existence for over a century. Manifestations of the autoimmune disease Psoriasis involve eruption of lesions and pain, burning and itching at the site of such lesions. Of the different type of psoriasis, Dithranol is most effective against Plaque Psoriasis. Despite the drug continuing to be clinically in use, full potentials of its therapeutic merits could not be realized owing to the inherent problem of its oxidation products adding to the unbearable burning and itching aggravating the agony caused by the disease. In addition, oxidation products of Dithranol cause staining of skin, hair and clothing. Furthermore, problems with this molecule are cascade of auto-oxidation chain reactions rendering it unstable.

Encapsulation of Dithranol in uniquely designed liposomes of PSORISOME Gel offers prospects for its optimally controlled oxidation which in turn minimizes intolerability and instability of Dithranol. Encapsulation of this drug protects the molecule from exposure to atmospheric oxygen and prevents the auto-oxidation thus rendering it stability. It also prevents secondary oxidation and formation of Danthrone, Dianthrone and anthralin brown which cause adverse effects like irritation and staining. Liposomes improve drug target interaction at the cellular, intercellular and intracellular levels. Enhanced drug penetration across the dense and lamellar lipid matrix of stratum corneum is achieved as a result of favorable hydro-lipophilic microenvironment, built in by these micro-carrier systems.

PSORISOME Gel is a novel Liposomal formulation with rheological property to keep the drug confined to application site. PSORISOME Gel has half the concentration of drug - Dithranol compared to conventional Dithranol preparation. In our randomized clinical trials, Liposomal Dithranol is proved to be equally effective, well tolerated by the patients and cause minimal perileisonal staining or staining of the clothes. Clinical outcome of Dithranol is improved through its liposomal formulation by very high acceptance for complete therapy. All the patients in the clinical trial tolerated Liposomal Dithranol Gel very well; efficacy was same even with half the drug concentration; all the patients were cleared of almost all the symptoms; and in 25% of the patients there was complete clearance of the lesions. The above observations make PSORISOME Gel the most effective of all therapeutic options presently available.
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